Pre Race Information

Pre Race Information
No’to’mom Endurance Runs 8690 La Riviera Dr, Sacramento, CA
Important Race Information & Planning Details- Please read all the way through. If you have any questions that are not answered here or on the website, please email me at
Covid Protocol – We ask that you continue to practice your Covid-19 safety protocols while within 6 feet of others by masking up. We encouraged all our volunteers to be vaccinated and it’s highly encouraged for all participants to do the same. We appreciate your help in ensuring that No’to’mom Endurance run is a safe event for all.
Race Weekend Timeline
Friday Oct 1

3:00 pm-6:00 pm: Bib/shirt pick-up at American River Parkway 

Saturday Oct 2

7:00 am – packet pickup and elite bottle drop off
7:30 am – pre-race briefing
8:00 am – 100k start
8:30 am – 50k start
4:30 pm – 50k cut off time 
10:00 pm –100k cut off time

Awards will be presented in each race when the top 3 male and female competitors finish, provided they finish relatively close. To avoid too much time spent close together in the midst of the Covid pandemic, finishers will be encouraged to leave once they have recovered. Food will be provided in the form of pre-packaged meals from a local vendor.
Front Bibs
Make sure you wear your bib visibly on the front of your body during the race. This is how our volunteers will be tracking the runners, so it is important they can see your bib number. If wearing layers, consider pinning the bib to the front of your shorts.

Back Bibs
All USATF competitors MUST wear a back big designating their age group. If it is chilly and a runner wears multiple layers, extra back tags can be given to ensure there is always one showing.

Aid Stations
The aid stations will be stocked with GU Roctane and GU gels, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit, potato chips, soda and water. 

There will be no salt tablets or ibuprofen at the aid stations. There will be a first aid kit and feminine hygiene products available at all the aid stations as well as medically trained volunteers stationed throughout the course.

As a reminder, all food will be served by volunteers at the aid stations. Once you have your bowl of goodies, please make room at the food table for new runners and to keep the food area less congested. We ask that runners hold their water bottles or bladders open for volunteers to fill with water or electrolyte.

Crew may assist runners ONLY within 100 meters of each station, so that there is ample room. Assisting outside of these parameters may result in disqualification. 

If you wish to have your personal bottles placed at both aid stations, please email me and let me know.

Driving directions for Crewing at the far aid station: From the Start/Finish area at the American River Parkway Watt Ave access (8690 La Riviera Drive):  As you exit the American River Parkway at La Riviera Drive near Watt Ave, turn right to head west on La Riviera.  After 1.5 miles, turn left to merge onto Howe Avenue northbound.  Travel north on Howe Ave 1.65 miles, where you will turn left onto Feature Drive.  In less than 0.25 miles, the Campus Commons Golf course parking and river access point is on your right.   Proceed on foot to the levee access behind the clubhouse. Turn left to head west walking on the levee. The aid station for the turnaround is less than 0.2 miles on the levee.  

Driving directions to Aid Station 2

Walking directions to aid station 2 from parking


Cut-off time for the 100k is 10:00 pm (14 hours)
Cut-off time for the 50k is 4:30 pm (8 hours). 
Runner Tracking

For the 100k

For the 50k
Special Plaques will be awarded to the top three finishers in each event/category.There will be prize money for the 100k (must be a current USATF member):

First place $750
Second place $325
Third place $175

In addition all USATF members in the 100k are eligible for age group medals and records as follows:
Open (39 and under) Top 10 Female and Male
Top 3 Female and Male in each 5 year age group:

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